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Learning Thai

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Chiang Mai Campus


  • Learn Thai Language and culture.
  • Experienced Thai Teachers.
  • Total learning hours : 20
  • Listen, speak and respond in Thai.

Beginning Teaching Thai Program as a foreign Language
Language Center Mahachulalongkorn Radjavidyalaya University
Chiang Mai Campus

1) Curriculum : Teaching Thai as a Foreign Language

2) Total Training : 20 hours

3) Course Description:

3.1 Developing your understanding of daily life.
3.2 Applying linguistics to aid in leaving Thai.

4) Student : Available for all ages

5) Purpose :

5.1 Basic Communication in daily life (Speaking and Listening)
5.2 To understand Thai culture and Thai viewpoints.
5.3 To understand the basic forms of communication using Thai language.

6) Core skills taught : Listening and speaking in basic Thai

a) Greeting and introduction
b) Family conversation
c) Giving directions and describing locations
d) Making requests and giving invitations
e) Ordering food
f) Shopping
g) Visiting temples
h) Health and medicine
i) Asking for opinion

7) Class Management :

7.1 Teaching Thai in English
7.2 Lecturing, explanations, exchanging of ideas, demonstrations, studying and practicing, speaking Thai in real-life situations.

8) Evaluation : We will assess your interviews, observations and use of Thai language.

9) Registering / Number of Spaces available :

a) Registration fee: 6,000 Baht (If you study 2 people more, you will pay 5,000 baht per person and allowed 4 students each room)
b) Text Book: 200 Baht

10) Class times (Choose a preferred time) :

– You can choose your own convenience time.

11) Place of Study : MCU Building 1 on 2nd and 3rd floors
12) Contact : MCU Language Center or Monk Chat Office